App Cresco con Poli

The App is addressed to the new mothers to assist them with useful information and practical suggestions also after having been discharged.
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A direct link between mother and hospital

A useful instrument for monitoring your baby’s growth and a source of whatever information or clarifications regarding your baby’s first needs.

Every year, approximately 3000 babies are born in Poliambulanza and almost the same amount of women become, in some cases for the first time, mothers. Consequently, Fondazione Poliambulanza has developed a useful application, the “Cresco con Poli” App, in order to provide the new mothers but also all the other subjects involved with the newborn baby, with the support and assistance they could need.

In particular the “Cresco con Poli”  App aims at assisting the new mothers after having been discharged. Not only is the application a practical and useful guide, but also a further occasion for mothers to create a direct relationship with the paediatrician. Within the App there is a specific section where the baby’s data can easily be filled in and updated. In a second moment data is compared with the national standard of reference and then sent to the doctor. Moreover, in the section named “Diario” is possible to store and also revise the baby’s medical history. Lastly, the App gives a lot of information regarding vaccination coverage, hygienic care and the audiometrics tests, also information on contacts and drop in times for paediatricians, specialists and emergency room.

In addition to the section above mentioned, there is another part, mainly addressed to the new mothers, where topics such as their care and wellbeing or even more superficial ones (for example the photo book) are considered.

In 2014 both “Cresco con Poli” and “Prenoting” Apps were given the “Premio Innovazione Digitale in Sanità”, regarding a specific category, that is “Gestione della relazione con il cittadino”, by the Osservatorio Innovazione Digitale in Sanità della School of Management del Politecnico di Milano.