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Cataract and Presbyopia. Farewell in one stroke.

In Poliambulanza we use "refractive" lenses in order to allow patients’ recovery of overall view but also of close up.

As a consequence of the cataract, fine crystalline opacities are found in the axial region of the lens. The crystalline lens is the lens of the eye and, together with the cornea, allows a clear, distinct vision of what we are looking at. Its first cause is ageing: it affects about 50% of people over 56 years old and 90% of people over seventies.

Cataract may be directly, but even indirectly, caused by smoking, alcool, diabetes, ultraviolet rays or any eye trauma. Broadly speaking, it causes vison reduction, along with other diseases, such as reading fatigue, burning or difficulty in distinguishing and identifying different colours.

In order to treat Cataract it is necessary to replace the crystalline by an artificial lens. In Fondazione Poliambulanza, for such operations the so-called accommodative or refractive lenses are used, which not only allow recovery of vision from afar, but also from up-close. After the operation it is as if the patient wore progressive eyeglasses. The overall view is restored just as in any other operation which removes the cataract, but, in addition, ordinary small daily actions such as reading the paper can be carried out without external lens.


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