Areas of excellence

Fondazione Poliambulanza, a multispecialist center of reference, provides state-of-the-art healthcare services in each Operating Unit. Four in particular are the areas of hospital excellence:

In Fondazione Poliambulanza every clinical strategy is thought from an holistic point of view which enables the patient to be treated in the most suitable way.

Specialists belonging to different Operative Units within Fondazione Poliambulanza regularly attend refresher courses at international and national level, which enable them to be constantly updated about the most advanced clinical and surgical techniques. As a result, the mini invasive therapeutic procedures are to be tested in order to minimize risk and speed up patients’ recovery time.

Cardiovascular area

Cardiovascular area is particularly renowned for being an avant-garde unit for cardiac valves’ replacement and repair and diagnosis and treatment of coronary diseases, cardiac arrhythmia and vascular diseases.

Among the main reasons for such a clinical excellence is the multidisciplinary approach which belongs to the whole medical staff of Fondazione Poliambulanza.

The great achievements of Fondazione Poliambulanza, for instance the mortality rate verging on zero, according to Agenas’ data provided, would not have been possible without the fruitful collaboration which exists between cardiac surgeons and the rest of the medical staff, whose first priority is to provide patients with the best possible treatments, hence keeping in mind the hospital’s objectives, purposes and operational methods.

Orthopaedic area

Fondazione Poliambulanza’s Orthopaedic area is one of the most well-known wards with a year-on-year increase in the number of operations involving all ward’s specializations, like orthopaedic prosthetic surgery, arthroscopic surgery, foot surgery and hand surgery, to mention a few.

Excellence results have been reached in the field of orthopaedic prosthetic surgery, mostly with regards to hip and knee prostheses.

The Fast Track has been thought for those kind of prostheses. In the perioperative assistance context it is meant as a path focused on patients and promoting their safety and reducing adverse events.

Fondazione Poliambulanza ensures short waiting times as for emergency operations which are mostly performed within 48 hours from the admission to the hospital, thus drastically reducing risks of mortality and disabilities in patients.

Oncology Area

Oncology Area deals with diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitative aspects of cancer in adult patients. Pathologies affecting the abdominal region regards liver, pancreas, stomach and colon-rectum. Furthermore two additional Specialistic Units, devoted to the study and treatment of ovarian and breast cancers have been set up: the Ovarian Cancer Unit and The Breast Unit.

Thanks to a team with recognized national and international experience, Fondazione Poliambulanza’s Oncology Area has achieved remarkable results and excellent standards through the years, providing modern mini invasive approaches for thousands neoplasia cases. Furthermore, another noteworthy point is the rapidity and reactivity in choosing the best possible clinical strategy depending on each patient. That functionality is the result of a strategic synergy between a multidisciplinary team, where the oncologist is the care coordinator, the one who makes decisions, prescribes treatments and takes personal care of patients through each phase of the illness, starting from the screening to the relationship with the patients’ relatives.

Medical research applied to answer questions regarding the best possible clinical strategy stands as an unavoidable factor making Poliambulanza’s Oncology Area an excellent sector. For instance, doctors’ involvement in important projects, whose topic are cancer therapies as well as experimental procedures, actually results in new therapeutic opportunities for the sick.

All of this within a structure which has chosen to be responsible for each patient, giving support with the most advanced medical treatment, but also through the best psychological support guaranteed by the presence in the ward of a qualified psyco-oncologist.

Birth path

Mother and Child Health Care Department is an innovative and future-oriented programme.
Its healthcare personnel is so highly motivated and works with such a passion that the Department  itself has been integrated by a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, as to provide the best possible service.

A key factor within the hospital’s policy is the focus on an empathic approach when dealing with the therapy. In this respect, doctors and nurses take care of children and their parents from the perspective of being a centre whose medical practice is focused on an humanization of treatments in real terms.

To ensure the continuity of care services provided to patients, the birth path has been thought within the Department as a concrete help for mothers during pre- and post- partum, involving also a psychological support. 

To allow future mothers enjoy the utmost positive and safe experience, Poliambulanza gives them the possibility of asking for epidural anaesthesia for 24/24, seven days a week and give birth in the most natural way (even in water).

After birth the baby has excellent assistance; on top of Neonatal Intensive Care there is a ward with a physiotherapist for babies who is able to identify any mobility dysfunctions or asymmetries.

In Poliambulanza every women is free to decide whether to hold the baby or entrust him/her to the nursery’s personnel’s care.


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Areas of excellence in Fondazione Poliambulanza Hospital Brescia.

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