Oncology Area


Abdominal tumors treated with cutting-edge endoscopic, radiotherapy and laparoscopic techniques.

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Breast (Breast Unit)

The Multispecialistic Unit dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of all breast diseases.

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Ovary (Ovarian Cancer Center)

An excellent diagnostic service, state-of-the-art genetic tests and mini-invasive surgical treatments in the multidisciplinary unit specialized in the ovarian cancer.

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Treatment, prognosis and follow up of patients with abdomen’s neoplastic diseases are very crucial aspects. A specific approach is always granted, focusing on the peculiar course of the illness, together with traditional clinical evaluation and definitive diagnostic testing so as to determine the most appropriate therapy.
General Surgery and Oncology’s specialists have to face complex long-term diseases. But it is in those critical situations that Fondazione Poliambulanza shows its true colors, confirming its eccellence in deciding what the best possible treatment is and when to act, depending on the peculiarity of its patients, who can actually benefit from a personalized clinical path. Moreover Fondazione Poliambulanza has been moving towards mini invasive approaches, such as laparoscopy, which are and will be boosted.


Breast Unit

Fondazione Poliambulanza’s Breast Unit is a multidisciplinary area dedicated to studying breast pathologies. It deals with diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of patients suffering from any breast’ diseases, particularly breast cancer.

Fondazione Poliambulanza’s Breast Unitis is working in accordance with the international guidelines and is also guided by European Society of Mastology’s (EUSOMA) operating model, the scientific society leader in Europe in the field.

The multidisciplinary approach of the Breast Unit, besides being the result of a fruitful collaboration among the different specialists: radiologist, surgeon, anatomopathologist and cythologist, oncologist, plastic surgeon, adopts  a complete, coordinated and fast approach towards patients and their diseases.

To ensure the continuity of care services provided and given the sensitivity of the subject, women’s emotional and psychological aspects have to be taken into consideration. In this connection, their clinical path has been thought in order to offer a Psychological Support Service within the Oncology Department, so as to provide assistance in any crucial moment of hospitalization. 



A special cookbook is available for  patients receiving chemiotherapy. You can download it now by clicking here

Ovarian Cancer Unit

Ovarian Cancer Unit is a multidisciplinary area thought as a new frontier for research, diagnosis, treatment and cure of ovarian cancer. The key point is pursuing an approach which follows specific programs, starting from the initial detection of the tumor to the post-treatment’s follow-up.
Ovarian cancer is a very common malignant tumor mostly affecting women between 45 and 75. In 90% of cases ovarian cancer involving epithelial cells covering the ovaries (epithelial ovarian tumor), while in 5% of cases it’s a neoplasm deriving from germ cells (germ cell tumor). Last but not least, a 4% of women suffer from a rare type of cancer which forms in the tissue that support the ovaries (sex cord-gonadal stromal tumor).

Unfortunately, at the present, there are no reliable screenings and tests for early cancer detection.


However, there are laboratory tests to screen for the mutation of certain alleles of BRCA ½ genes which may cause ovarian cancer, but they are only recommended to women genetically disposed for ovarian cancer.