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2017 data updated as of December 31st

"At the Otorhinolaryngology Operating Unit of Poliambulanza, professionalism and courtesy"

I write this letter after my admission to the Operating Unit of Otorhinolaryngology of Poliambulanza, where I had to undergo a septoturbinoplasty surgery.   I’d like to express all my gratitude for the professionalism and courtesy shown by the medical and nursing staff of the department, in particular I’d like to thank Dr. D’Addazio, who was always present in the significant moments of my hospitalization.   During my hospitalization,   I could experience an excellent treatment in every aspect and I would like to underline the total absence of pain, both after the surgery as well as during the fateful nasal swab removal.



"I would like to express all my gratitude for the professionalism and courtesy shown"

I write this letter after my admission to the Operating Unit of Otorhinolaryngology,  where I had to undergo a septoturbinoplasty surgery.  I’d like to express all my gratitude for the professionalism and courtesy shown by the medical and nursing staff, in particular I’d like to thank  Dr. D’Addazio, who was always present in the significant moments of my hospitalization (surgery, postoperative phase, discharge and nasal swab removal).  During my hospitalization, I could experience an excellent treatment in every aspect and I’d like to underline the total absence of pain, both after the surgery as well as during the nasal swab removal.
Alessandro Gadola

"I think I’m lucky to have in Brescia area a so cutting-edge structure"

I was hospitalized for about a month at the Operating Unit of Neurosurgery in Poliambulanza and then in Rehabilitation.  I can but thank all the medical, nursing, auxiliary staff for the continuous presence, professionalism and courtesy shown.  I think  I’m  lucky to have in Brescia area a cutting-edge structure with European certification, such as Poliambulanza.  Thanks again.
Gianfranco Febretti

"I’d like to thank you very much for solving my problem after months of absurde diagnoses and pains"

Goodmorning Doctor, 
I’m Mrs Marino. On July 6th  I underwent a hernia removal surgery and I’m pleased to inform you that my convalescence is proceeding well.  Since I did not meet you when I was discharged, hereby I’d like to thank you very much for solving my problem after months of absurd diagnoses and pains.  Many thanks again for your availability, kindness and humanity. 
Please convey my gratitude to all the staff of WeekSurgery for their attention and care.  Looking forward to my follow-up visit, please accept my best regards and thank you again. 
Good job and have a nice day.
Marino Maria Vittoria



"I would like to thank you all for your professionalism and humanity in performing a so delicate job"

To the kind attention of Medical Staff and the Director of the Department.
I’d like to thank you for your professionalism and humanity in performing a so delicate job. Thanks for everything and a heartfelt greeting from my son EMILIO PAGNOTTA, who underwent a surgery on his broken collarbone. 


Salvatore Pagnotta

"For a sick person, feeling like a person and not like a number is very important"

Good evening,
in a such a difficult time of my life due to my health, I’d like to tell you my experience. 
After three months of wandering and suffering, I got to Poliambulanza hospital in Brescia, where I could find professional skills of the highest level at the Operating Unit of Neurosurgery. 
In particular, I’d like to convey my warmest thanks and praises to the Neurosurgeon Dr. Giuseppe Campagna, a very capable and serious practitioner with human qualities that make a doctor a special person.   I will never stop thanking you. For a sick person, feeling like a person and not like a number is very important.  
Thanks also to the WeekSurgery staff since they have made my hospitalization very calm; to the Operating Theater because everything was less painful with their caresses, to the whole healthcare facility, since they have tried to put patient’s health and hospitality first. Thanks again to each of you.   


Mariuccia Tussi



"We could verify the high level of professional skills, humanity and kindness of all staff"

Dear Director, 
I’m writing this letter along with my sons, driven by a sincere and deep gratitude towards the amazing professional figures met at Fondazione Poliambulanza.  During the long path to face a difficult disease, we could  ascertain the high level of professional skills, the humanity and kindness of the whole staff. 
We would like to deeply thank Dr. Renzo Rozzini, who took care of me from the onset of symptoms; from his first investigation in September 2015, we learned the first diagnosis. Dr. Fausto Meriggi, who immediately implemented all possible countermeasures to contain a bad disease, Dr. Mario Bignardi, without whose instruments I could not have dealt with such a difficult experience. 
I’d like also to thank Dr. Daniele Bonora Ottoni, Dr. Paolo Stringhini, Dr. Stefano Mutti, Dr. Paolo Bianchi as well as the whole staff, who performed the surgical procedure of thoracoplasty saving my life; Dr. Giuseppe Lombardi  for the care of the wound, for his patience, precision and helpfulness. 
Before the surgery, due to the terrible pain, I was not even able to get out of bed.  Today I’ve started driving again and I can play with my granddaughter. 
A further thank goes to the staff of the Operating Units of Multifunctional Intensive Care and Vascular Surgery.  Many sincere thanks and congratulations.
Anna Visalli
Luca Siracusano
Monia Siracusano


"Thanks to Dr. Rosso and Dr. Garatti"

Three months ago I received such bad news that upset my life, but especially the one of my father Sergio G.   However he was lucky, since he came across two great professionals, Dr. Edoardo Rosso and Dr. Garatti, who gave him their great and recognized experience and took care of him in an absolutely human and available manner, which is not easy to find everywhere.
Today my father’s problem has not been solved  yet, but these two persons performed a real miracle. 
THANKS THANKS THANKS.   The world needs such professionals. 


Alberto Griffini

"Thanks to all of you for the passion you put into your work"

In these two months of coming and going from/to hospital, I’ve realized how much work and passion can be found in all the staff.  My congratulations are addressed to everybody, from the meal attendant to the surgeon, without exception.  A simple smile can help sick persons. I have to thank everyone. Today my father is in the operating room;   whatever happens, thank you.



"Everyone with a smile on their faces show a great competence, which is not only professional but also empathetic"

Due to personal reasons in the last two years, I have been in several hospitals in Veneto, Emilia, and even in a small foreign country like San Marino.   I would like to congratulate you, because the kindness, cleanliness and competence of your hospital is unique.  Specifically, I refer to the staff of the department of Surgery 1.  
Everyone with a smile on their faces show a great competence, which is not only professional but also empathetic.   A heartfelt thank to Fondazione Poliambulanza and to the department of Surgery 1 by a nurse, who is also a user. 


Anita Ghidoni

"Professionalism and humanity in Poliambulanza "

I would like hereby to thank the medical and nursing staff of Poliambulanza Emergency Room.  Saturday morning I got hit by a common, but anyhow extremely painful, renal colic and so I went to the hospital with my daughter and my wife.   It was a pleasure to find a human medicine, full of attention and courtesy.  Despite the staff was overworked with cases that were certainly more complex and urgent than mine,  I never felt neglected or abandoned to myself and it’s a pleasure to have first-hand experience of how it’s pleasant and even resolutive almost like the drugs themselves, to feel like a respected person, who is understood for his pain. That’s why I would like to thank them.  There are not only examples of inefficient health service, but also wonderful people who make this work be an art.  
(taken from “Giornale di Brescia” newspaper column– Lettera al Direttore)


"I’ve found real, human, kind and sensitive professionals"

Yesterday I underwent an examination at your hospital and I would really like to compliment you: I felt perfectly at ease and I found real, human, kind and sensitive professionals.   Congratulations again to Dr. Cesari, his team and all the healthcare professionals I met.
Thank  you so much again for your work !

"Thanks to all the staff of Surgery 2"

Dear Director good morning, 
From 12 to 25 July 2016 I was admitted to your healthcare facility, at the Department of Surgery 2 for a surgical procedure of pancreas-splenectomy.
My words are addressed to the angels working in this ward, doctors and non-medical staff, who every day and in every moment bring relief and serenity to each patient with their presence and high competence.  
I and my family would like to thank them for their sweetness and discretion (it was sometimes excessive for fear of being too intrusive), for their competence, professionalism and their helpfulness.  
Could you be so kind as to send our thanks to all medical and nursing staff. 
I welcome the opportunity to express our best regards. 


Sergio Maraldo

"I found immense dedication, professionalism and attention at Poliambulanza"

I have not known the Obstetrics Gynaecology Operating Unit yet.  However I had to face the worst period of my life due to a very serious accident occurred to my mother.  I can only say that your hospital did a miracle to save her life.  Intensive Care Unit and the Neurology Operating Unit are made up of human, helpful and expert physicians, surgeons, health practitioners, nurses.  My only luck was to find on the place of the accident a doctor, who sent the ambulance to Poliambulanza and not to other hospitals, since he knew with certainty that the Neurology Operating Unit would be the best. If things did not go that way, my mother now would not be here. With such a serious situation, if this department were not an absolute excellence, my mother would have had no hope.   I can state the same about the Oncology Department due to my husband’s disease. I could find  the same great dedication, professionalism and attention. If I ever need it and when I have a baby, I’ll definitely apply to Poliambulanza.  This is my experience. 


Comment on Facebook by Sara Ballini

"Pain was reduced by 80%. I only asked for that.  Long life to Poliambulanza"

Dear Director,
there is a huge difference between the Emergency Room in Cremona and the one of Poliambulanza, Brescia.  On June 22nd I slipped into my house’s shower and I took a tremendous hit on the left hip, that slowly gets more and more swollen and purple.   I felt very strong pains and so I decided to go to the Emergency Room.   I waited a long time and then I could undergo the medical examination along with ultrasound and x-ray.  I was discharged with strong pains. On June 27th  I returned to the Emergency Room with very strong stabbing pains and with a ball instead of the hip. From the examination, it turns out that there is a small hematoma. The pain was unbearable. On the morning of June 28th I returned to the ER and they sent me to Orthopedics department.  The physician looked at the Ultrasound and was then discharged.  I had spasms due to the pain. In the evening at 9,24 pm I went to the medical guard.  They gave me a painkiller and I waited for the situation to improve.   However the situation was unbearable and so the next morning I went to the general practitioner, who gave me the hospitalization card.  I got to the ER at 11 am and discharged at 1,32 pm. In spite of my bed conditions, I was not admitted to hospital. 

A sample of 200 cc of blood was drawn from my side. I got home but I was disheartened. I felt life threatening. It was as if a puma bit my side.   I screamed at every stabbing pain (practically every 10  minutes).  My fear derives from the fact that in 2013 I had an ischemia and underwent the replacement of the mitral valve.  The following morning at 6 am my wife drove me to the ER of Poliambulanza.  I got off the car by screaming. I was right at the end.   A healthcare assistant ran to me with a wheelchair. I got to the crowded ER.  I was placed on a bed and without wasting time 
they positioned a catheter on my arm and I  was administered a drip of painkillers, like in Cremona. I informed the doctor I took the cardioaspirin and they called the cadiac surgeon.  In two hours I underwent various examinations, such as CT, ultrasound and blood test.   The pain returned, I was then arranged in a room. Many doctors arrived. I begged them not to send me home.  I asked for a total anesthesia, in order not to feel such an atrocious pain any longer. I’d like to report what the doctor told me:  <<Home ? Are you joking ? You must go immediately to Surgery Department>>.  I was treated with pain therapy. I spent 5 days and 4 nights at Poliambulanza. The big hematoma is being reabsorbed and pain reduced by 80 %.  I only asked for that. Long life to Poliambulanza.
Moreno Rossi

"Many thanks to Cardio-Surgery Operating Unit of Poliambulanza Brescia"

On May 11th  2016 I underwent a surgery at the Cardio-Surgery Operating Unit of Poliambulanza Brescia  (aortic valve and ascending aorta replacement) and in less than a month from the surgical procedure,  both physical and psychological recovery seems to be prodigious.  
All the people who meet me find it hard to believe that I underwent such an invasive surgical procedure. 
I will never stop thanking enough Dr. Troise and the team of professionals who performed the surgery on me. I cannot fail to mention Doctor Della Tomba, who showed a great competence and self-confidence behind her kind and modest manners. Throughout the week spent in your hospital, she took care of me continuously and impeccably by solving all the small problems that occurred. At my discharge, her words gave me strength  and courage to start again my life from the point where I had temporarily stopped it. 
I want also to emphasize that the medical and nursing staff of Cardiac-Surgery and Intensive Care Unit work as a team to pursue the fundamental goal of a healthcare structure, that, in my opinion actually represents the “cure” of the patient. 
During my hospitalization, I asked a particularly careful and thoughtful nurse, if she aimed at becoming a head nurse or something more. I was astounded by her answer. The nurse told me that she could not image for herself a job that did not include a continuous contact with the patient and the relief of their pains. She told me that she felt fully satisfied. 
Then I understood why you are a health excellence, light years away from the models I've observed in various regions of central-southern Italy since my childhood.

Apart from investments, managerial and organizational skills, I believe that the motivation and satisfaction of healthcare staff is even more important. Only in this way doctors and nurses are able to fully understand the meaning of their mission, which is particularly delicate and important.
In fact when we get into the hospital, we entrust it our most important resource, i.e. our health, which must be treated with professionalism, respect and understanding. 
I will always remember this difficult experience of my life thinking of all the "angels" who assisted me, making me never feel alone and helpless in the face of the disease. 
I wish you good work.


Guglielmo Di Filippo 



"Peerless Efficiency and Hospitality"

I’d like to state that,  if compared with other local health structures,  Poliambulanza definitely has the edge over.   I noticed a very excellent professionalism and hospitality and they did not tell me what I would expect at my age. 
They welcomed my mother trying to find objectively the best solutions. I must say only thanks to Dr. Paterlini and Dr. Olivari of Gastroenterology, to the Director of Geriatrics, Dr. Rozzini and to the Director of Surgery, Dr. Rosso Edoardo Matteo.
Thanks to Dr. Riad Kanso who made me know your excellent structure.
The healthcare professional and administrative  staff was excellent. 
Thank you very much. I hope that you will forward my message to the whole Management. 


ISIDORI Francesca

"Thanks to dott. Raffaello Bellosta"

Dear Dr. Raffaello Bellosta, 
this morning we crossed the “holy threshold” of Poliambulanza right in the tenth year from the surgical intervention on my husband Domenico’s right leg. The surgery was performed on August 13th 2007 by you and your staff, in which there was also Dr. Luisa Cossu. 
I’ve written “Holy Threshold” because our dear and sympathetic Pope Francesco reminds that the doors of our houses and workplaces are the holy doors of Lord’s mercy, whose visible face reveals God’s invisible face, who never tires of welcoming, loving and forgiving us.  We would like to thank you and your collaborators because in these years we could reconfirm my husband’s   healing.
Happy Easter to you and dear colleagues.

Silvana and Domenico Casari


"Sincere thanks to the whole medical, nursing, healthcare professional and auxiliary staff "

Good morning, 
On January 26th I was admitted for a small surgery to the Obstetrics Gynaecology Operating Unit. I felt at my ease and was treated  with kindness and competence by everyone. 
I want my greetings to be conveyed to all medical, nursing, obstetric and auxiliary staff, both in the ward and in the operating theater. They all proved to be competent and careful to any needs.   
Best regards

Camilla Sartori


"Thanks to Dr. Cuccia"

Dear Dr. Cuccia,
I feel obliged to express my thanks and admiration for the technical and behavioral competence towards me, as patient admitted to your healthcare facility due to extreme clinical conditions. 
I would like to especially thank the Cardiac-Surgery ward, where I was hospitalized in past January 
I therefore renew my thanks to you and your staff. 
Best regards

Giandomenico Machiavelli



"Helpfulness and Competence"

Hereby I wish to thank you and underline the utmost helpfulness and competence found in Dr. Pietro Cesari of Gastroenterology and Endoscopy Operating Unit.
Best regards


Alessio Bianchi


"Efficiency and competence"

Over the years I could verify the efficiency and competence, with which you stand out regarding the health level, as well as for the courtesy shown toward patients.
In particular, I refer to the accurate and determined assistance received from Mrs Fausti regarding a booking problem.
That’s why I feel like congratulating you in writing. 
Well done

Giuseppe Fernicola
PS: If I were still a Manager, I would like Mrs. Fausti to work in my team. 


"Words cannot express what we feel"

It took two days to be able to put together a few words to thank you for what you did for us. 
Words cannot express what we feel. We are very grateful for your giving back life to our daughter, for fulfilling our dream of becoming parents! 
That evening you had not given us many chances that Lara could survive.  Now she’s here in our arms and she does not make us sleep.  She’s our miracle… We conceived her but you made the miracle in 86 days!
You are a fantastic team. You taught us to fight, believe and never give up !!!  You helped us understand what was happening to us.  You gave us strength as parents and to Lara to go on. We could find in your team not only physicians, nurses and paediatric nurses, but also a family with a great heart who loves her work !!!
I’d like to thank each of you but I know I’d behave as I did on the day of my discharge, i.e. without words and with tears in my eyes. 
Special thanks to the staff present that night and also to those who worked for the rest of the day.
You will be always in our hearts. We’ll tell Lara about the angels who helped her, thus enabling us to love her every day as long as we live. 
Thank you so much.  We will never forget you !!!


Laura, Fabrizio, Lara
PS: Please send our thanks to Antonella 


"I didn’t need to request a particular physician for my surgical intervention because I already felt in good hands"

I’d like to convey my best Christmas wishes to Dr. Flavio Terragnoli and all his team. 
On November 11th I underwent a surgical intervention on the sinew of the left knee.   
In addition to my best wishes, I’d like also to underline my deep appreciation for the high professional profile found in everyone since my admission to your structure. 
I didn’t need to request a particular physician for my surgical intervention because I already felt in good hands, from the head physician to the youngest collaborator. I also noticed the helpfulness of nursing staff and I never caught a moment of hesitation or impatience. They always helped me both day and night.   (A consideration full of gratitude is addressed to the nursing staff in charge  of patient’s hygiene. They were very efficient and scrupulous even in the details.  In my room there was a Senegalese citizen. He was alone, needy and I could see with how much humanity he was treated day and night.      I apologize to Dr. Terragnoli for my need to write the above impressions and renew my best greetings. 
Best regards

Luigi Bisignano

"Thanks for your helpfulness and competence"

Thank you very much to Dr. Campagna and the whole staff of Neurosurgery for their competence and helpfulness shown prior to/after surgery. 
Best regards

Ombretta Manini

"Your structure is an example of how work organization can be optimized"

Dear Silvana, 
my heartfelt thanks to the whole staff of your Operating Unit, who have taken care of me with great professionalism and competence throughout the endoscopic examination. 
Your structure is an example of how work organization can be optimized .  It’s a model all healthcare structures should refer to, in particular the Endoscopy department of Mellino Mellini hospital in Chiari (Brescia). 
I kindly ask you to convey my thanks and my gratitude to Dr. Cesaro and Bizzotto for their professionalism, helpfulness and sensitivity shown.  Moreover, I don’t want to leave out your “gruff” head physician and all the staff of the ward.
Warm greetings 

Laura Maria Savoldelli


"The greatest professional successes in the difficult task of fighting every day with your patients’ health"

I hereby would like to thank Dr. Tosana, his medical and nursing staff, in particular Dr. Vismara. 
On September 25th I went to the ER of Poliambulanza because I was suffering from a renal colic.    Dr. Vismara first reassured me by convincing me to stay in your urology department. From the examinations carried out it resulted a third-degree hydroureteronephrosis. 
As for me, I did not meant to be immediately hospitalized, considering that on Wednesday 23 September I had already gone to the ER and also on that occasion, I was discharged after the administration of painkillers, I was discharged.  My heartfelt thanks to Dr. Petteno’, who took care of my delicate case with great accuracy and competence.  He was able to crumble the kidney stone with the right therapies. He put me in shape and on October 2nd I was discharged. 
I thank you again very much and I wish you all the best in the difficult task of fighting every day with your patients’ task. 
Best regards

Giovanni Polvara



"Everyone was always very kind and helpful"

Good morning,
I’d like hereby to thank the whole medical staff who helped me after a Caesarean section on June 16th.  Everybody was very kind and helpful. 
Congratulations for your work.  I won’t fail to recommend your structure to other mums. 
Have a good time

Stefania Sanca

"The structure is very beautiful, Booking Center and Acceptance are very functional"

Good morning,
I’d like hereby to thank the whole medical staff who helped me after a Caesarean section on June 16th.  Everybody was very kind and helpful. 
Congratulations for your work.  I won’t fail to recommend your structure to other mums. 
Have a good time

Stefania Sanca

"I’d like to thank the doctors, who did not make me feel alone"

Good morning, 
I’d like to thank Dr. Lomini, Corini, Di Maio, Doregatti, Zanini, all physicians, nurses and healthcare operators I could meet in different moments, i.e. at the Emergency Room, during the follow-up visits, pre-hospitalization treatments and surgery.  I was given a valid medical support, great moral support and above all humanity.   They did not make me feel alone in one of the worst week of my life.  They also had a lot of patience. 

Laura Mezzadri

"Thank you for making my family a little more serene"

Good morning, 
I’m Paolo Fappani, Cristina Zilioli’s husband.  I’d like to thank Dr. Campagna and his staff for the surgical procedure I underwent on June 22nd 2015. It was a microsurgical surgery of herniectomy  and discectomy.   The day after the surgery,  Cristina phoned me crying of joy. She could finally feel her leg and her foot.  Many thanks to the whole staff of the Operating Unit of Neurosurgery because they were always helpful and made my hospitalization more bearable.  We had in fact a bad experience in another local hospital and the unavoidable comparison makes you even more proud. Thank you so much for doing well your job and making Cristina’s and my family’s life a little more serene. 


"The aspects that most impressed and reassured me were the utmost helpfulness, kindness and courtesy by everyone"

Dear Dr. Broli, 
on April 10 a banal fall from the stairs caused unfortunately a deep wound on my forehead and the consequent admission to your ER.  I got four stitches and had to wait several hours after undergoing all medical examinations required by the protocol (so they explained to me with extreme kindness).
Even if it was a small treatment, I was able to verify the great professionalism and competence of all  medical and nursing staff,  who accompanied me in the various steps. However, the aspects that most impressed and reassured me were the utmost helpfulness, kindness and courtesy shown by everyone. 
ER was crowded, there was also someone with serious problems.  However everyone was welcomed in an extraordinary way even if the stress was very strong due to the presence of lot of patients.
Regarding the level of cleanliness, it was very high. It seemed to be in a 5-star hotel !!! 

Therefore, my most sincere thanks to you, as President, but also to all your fantastic staff. 
My best greetings

Francesco Remo Imperadori

"I found an excellent organization and efficient services"

Dear Director,
on Wednesday, February 18th I was admitted to your Gynaecology Operating Unit for a laparoscopic intervention. First of all, I would like to thank Dr. Paterlini, also on behalf of my family, for the helpful assistance and the precious advices, Dr. Quaglia and Dr. Tonti, as well as all the staff of the operating theater. They worked to identify and eliminate the cause of the strong pains that I had been feeling for three years and of which reason was unknown. 
Since the first minutes from the intervention I was surrounded by careful nurses, who took care of me at any time of day and night with sincere helpfulness and always with a smile on their faces, while keeping their high professionalism as well. 
Please extend my gratitude and the one of my family to all staff of Fondazione Poliambulanza, as I found an excellent organization and efficient services. 
With sincere gratitude and courtesy, 

Claudia Bertoli 

"I 'd like to thank the staff of Vascular Surgery Operating Unit for the efficiency and competence in treating my father, to whom they saved his life"

Dear Sirs, 
I send this email to thank all the staff of Vascular Surgery Operating Unit for the efficiency and competence in treating my father, Piccini Gianfranco, to whom they saved his life.  I also thank Intensive Care Unit, where I found very competent and helpful people. 
Thanks and best regards

Delia Piccini

"A lady quickly got out of a car in transit and helped me out. She reassured me that I was in good hands, those of a nurse"

Dear Doctor Conti, 
I need to bring to your knowledge an event involving a nurse of your staff, whose name is Alexandrina Craitic. 
On May 28th I was walking along Contrada del Cavalletto in Brescia and suddenly I felt sick, I stumbled and I was about to faint. I dragged myself for about 20 – 30 mt by leaning against the walls. There were several people but nobody helped me out.  Then a lady quickly got out of her car in transit and came towards me.  She told me I was in good hands, those of a nurse. The lady understood at once the situation and asked me specific questions. She supported me, made me sit in a shop and called an ambulance staying with me until its arrival. 
She made me bring to your ER, where the staff assisted me with care and competence and I underwent all the needed examinations. I was discharged  the same evening but I had to return the morning after for a further examination. 
The morning after I met again  Alexandrina. She asked me about my health status wishing me all the best. Alexandrina's behaviour moved me and proved that there are still persons with high human values. I would be particularly grateful if you could ask her if she accepts a short meeting with me so I can congratulate her. I know she has been working in the Emergency Room for about 3 years. She is happy with his job, but she would like to be transferred to the ward. Now I'm fine, I was already being treated by your Dr. Musmeci for pressure problems. I appreciate his high professionalism.
In thanking you very much for your kind attention, please have my best greetings.

Fausto Gardoni


"I feel honoured"

The right word with which I can open this short letter is “HONOURED”.
Honoured  since my wife, who on Dec. 17th 2015 at 8,46am gave birth to our son Tommaso, was treated with such a professionalism, helpfulness and accuracy, which are now so difficult to find in other Italian health structures.
Honoured as husband and father, since I could talk with physicians, midwives, nurses, paediatric nurses and also auxiliary staff, who supported and encouraged me in every moment of our stay in the hospital.  
Honoured as guest in wards, where tranquility, cleanliness, positivity and tenderness reign supreme faced with difficulties and unexpected events.     
Honoured since I noticed  that the declared ethical and behavioral rules have finally found concreteness and practical sense in daily life.    

There are too many people, to whom I must extend my thanks. Dr. Giancarlo Zanella of Laparoscopic Surgery, Greta Bertelli of Paediatrics, the sweet and professional Orietta of Obstetrics, the expert and helpful Paola of Nursery, Ornella and Sister Patrizia, without forgetting Dr. Baronio and Schivalocchi and many others.
Such a path proved to be exciting and rich, pleasant and constructive, human and complete and I state that as person, husband and father. 
Keep it up. You are the demonstration that when managerial skills, professionalism and humanity blend together, the result can be only surprising. 
With esteem, affection and gratitude.


Davide Sola

"A high level of professionalism by all staff"

Dear Sandro,

I ask you to thank Dr. Terragnoli and all the staff of the Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology for the treatment and attention received.  From the first day of hospitalization  I noticed a high level of professionalism by all the staff.  Your structure represents the excellence of the health system. 

"I wish to thank you for the excellent treatment received"

I wish to thank you for the excellent treatment received


I was admitted to your ER due to a faint then solved successfully. I would like to sincerely thank you for the excellent treatment received from both the medical and nursing staff. 
Thanks again to everyone. 

Renato Maccarinelli 

"You gave me back the daily serenity"

On April 2 I underwent a surgical procedure of intra and extraforaminal neurinoma removal  (right L4) performed by Dr. Giuseppe Campagna of Neurosurgery Operating Unit. 
I underwent various medical examinations in other healthcare facilities but nobody was able to solve my problem.   So I’d like to thank Dr. Giuseppe Campagna, who took care of my situation and was able to perform the surgical intervention with competence, thus achieving an excellent result. 
He made me happy and gave me back the daily serenity.

Tania Anticoni

Fondazione Poliambulanza Lombardy Region Ministry of Health

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