Living Impact on Fetal Evolution: Shelter-Analyze-Validate-Empower Regulations (LIFESAVER)

Currently, the rate of preterm births is continuously increasing: in Europe approximately 75% of all neonatal deaths and 60% of all infant deaths occur in babies born prematurely. Building on the vision that every pregnant woman must live in the safest possible environment, the LIFESAVER project will create a new in vitro system, combined with a digital in silico replicate, capable of simulating prenatal conditions at the uterus-placenta interface. The system is based on the integrated use of innovative technologies that combines in silico and in vitro systems in order to evaluate the possible transport of drugs and pollutants at the uterus-placenta interface, allowing for the screening of potentially dangerous chemicals and pharmaceuticals thus reducing the need for preclinical, clinical and animal testing.
The LIFESAVER project aims to develop a model that reliably tests the intrinsic ability of chemical substances and/or pharmacological compounds to cross the placenta, in order to predict the possible exposure to which the unborn child will be subject during pregnancy.
The Centro di Ricerca Eugenia Menni of the Fondazione Poliambulanza Hospital has a profound and long-standing knowledge of the human term placenta and will actively participate in this European project by providing information on the structure of the human placenta and on the different cell types that comprise the human placenta.  
 The LIFESAVER project is funded by the European Union under the Horizon 2020 program for research and innovation in the field of Societal Challenges.
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