If you love somebody,
give him a present.
If you love him
so much,
gift him a Check Up.

This year, instead of the usual gift, give a Check Up to those you love. Your love will last longer. Because a Check Up can save serious troubles, and in some cases can even save life, that of your loved ones and yours.  Sometimes thinking is not enough: book a Check Up.


Book your check up

A series of medical examinations condensed in one session, without having to wait and without a referral from the general practitioner

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General Check Up

Gender based check-up for diagnosis and treatment of possible diseases and risks. They are meant to provide the right health services, screenings, and treatments according to your individual status. 

Undergoing yearly medical exams is a primary prevention which shoul become a routine practice since a periodic health evaluation can safeguard your own health and wellness.

The tests you need depend on your age, health, gender, and your risk factors, that specifically designed for women and men or meant by age group or based on your personal health profile. 

A regular health maintenance checkup, evaluating your overall condition, is a gesture of respect toward yourself.

A check-up could be a useful present to your loved ones.