Opera Onlus

We ensure clinical aid and health services also for the poor and needy persons.

Make your donation to solidarity

Give your 5xmille to Fondazione Poliambulanza’s Charitatis Opera. We take care of the needy. We are committed to the worldwide assistance and cure of the poor and the needy. Give us your hand, make your signature.

How to contribute


Join the many supporters of Fondazione Poliambulanza. Support our project and play a crucial role in someone alse’s life.


You can easily monitor your investments by having a look at the photos and reading the reports made in Africa. Donating is an investment and we believe there is no better profit than a child’s smiling face.




Not only is helping Poliambulanza’s Charitatis Opera easy but it is also very important

Besides buying the “maglia per la solidarietà” t-shirt, whose entire revenue is assigned to the PCO’s initiatives, you can make a payment on behalf of our several projects through one of the following means:


1. Payment methods that allow tax deduction 


  • Bank transfer payable to Poliambulanza Charitatis Opera -  Banco di Brescia Agenzia Via Cefalonia. Minisportello di Brescia c/o Poliambulanza Via Bissolati 57 - IBAN IT45B0350011235000000023030

Causale (=Purpose of Transfer): Erogazione Liberale (also indicate any project you intend to support).


  • Non-Transferable Bank Check or Circular Check  payable to  Poliambulanza Charitatis Opera Onlus, Via Bissolati 57 - Brescia (Phone 030 3515342) - or deliver it to the Secretariat of Fondazione Poliambulanza Charitatis Opera Onlus –  Mrs. Miriam o Fiorenza  at Direzione Generale Fondazione Poliambulanza - Via Bissolati n. 57 – Brescia

In order to issue a valid tax deduction, please send always a fax to 030 3515351  or an email to  confirming the payment, specifying your name, family name, fiscal code and address using this  facsimile form.


2. Methods of payment that do not allow tax deduction

Cash payment (Maximum amount Eur 2.999,00)  directly at the Secretariat of Poliambulanza Charitatis Opera Onlus (Phone 030 3515342 -



3. 5X1000

Give your  5X1000  indicating the  fiscal code  of Poliambulanza Charitatis Opera: 98150900177.