Horizon 2020 - International Network for Translating Research on Perinatal Derivatives into Therapeutic Approaches (SPRINT)

Horizon 2020 - International Network for Translating Research on Perinatal Derivatives into Therapeutic Approaches (SPRINT).
International Network for  SPRINT  is a COST project (Cooperation in Science and Technology) funded by the European Community (Horizon 2020 Program) that allows excellent researchers and clinicians in the field of innovation to cooperate and jointly develop their ideas in the scientific and technological sector. 
SPRINT project, proposed and coordinated by Prof. Ornella Parolini, will bring together experts and clinicians in terms of academic, clinic and industrial knowledge, from over 15 international countries, in order to improve both the basic understanding as well as the potential of clinical translation of perinatal derivatives. 
In the last ten years, different perinatal derivatives (such as placenta-isolated cells and factors secreted by these cells) have proven to be therapeutically effective. This research field, for which Eugenia Menni Research Centre of  Fondazione Poliambulanza directed by Prof. Parolini  is recognized worldwide,  is growing rapidly and its importance is supported by recent clinical studies carried out in Europe and worldwide. 
SPRINT will deal with different issues that need to be faced, in order to ensure optimal research results and the interpretation of clinical trial data, such as for example the achievement of a consent to nomenclature and optimal techniques for isolation, characterization and cryopreservation and expansion of perinatal stem cells.  
It will also address more complex issues, such as the understanding of mechanisms and therapeutic actions produced by perinatal stem cells and the collection of basic research data useful for designing clinical trials. Furthermore, SPRINT  will help to identify gaps in perinatal cells, so as to guide future research. 
This project will develop a platform for the exchange of ideas, methods and training of young researchers, the results of which will allow to increase  the impact of the research on public and private regulatory and decision-making bodies at community and national level.


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Horizon 2020-SPRINT International Network for Translating Research

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