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Click here to check not only Poliambulanza’s availability but also other hospitals’ waiting times.

Data refer to patient being assisted by the National  Health Service, in accordance with the provisions of Lombardy Region.

It is possible to check in real time the waiting times of outpatients services provided by Fondazione Poliambulanza  by clicking here  and the possible availability of services activated within the "Open Outpatients Clinics"  operation promoted by  Lombardy Region. 

To look up the list of outpatient average waiting times for first access specialist examinations, diagnostic and instrumental treatments (except for urgencies, controls, and follow-ups) and admissions click here. The days highlighted are calculated taking into account Poliambulanza's availability.  The data are updated on 11/01/17, refer to patients assisted by National Health Service and are recorded according to the provisions of  Lombardy Region.



The drug handbook is a list of drugs prescribed by the Nationa Health Service. Such drugs are available in pharmacies only on medical prescription.

All the other drugs requiring not a medical prescription are not included in the handbook.

Drug Handbook







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Average waiting times at Poliambulanza Brescia.

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