Online reservations by using PC, Tablet, Smartphone.

To make a reservation quickly and in the fastest way.


Choose the day, the time, the doctor. With a finger.

An additional service for you and your family.

Free of charge, convenient, immediate and transparent.

Every day almost 1500 people contact Poliambulanza and equally reach the hospital. The present access to online reservation, speeding up the previous long wait, has decidedly favoured patients. In a fast, autonomous and transparent way you have access to and can consult the waiting list of the hospital day by day. With Prenoting App, for example, it is possible to book  medical examinations 24/7 every day even from the comfort of  your sofa.

Prenoting Poliambulanza, an App for smartphone and tablet, freely downloadable from the internet, App Store or Google Play.

Prenoting” is an App for prenoting medical examinations from your smartphone, tablet or pc, 24/7 every day. Consequently, you have access to and can consult the waiting list of the hospital day by day in real time. Not only is the private’s health services’ scheduling available on the application, but also the National Health Care System’ one and you can freely choose what you prefer in a transapartent way.

Prenoting allows the reservation of the major services offered as an outpatient procedure.


If you need to undergo a medical examination, you can get a reservation in a few seconds. Moreover, you will be sent a confirmation e-mail, with the details of your reservation. From the internet or from the App it is also possible to change it in an equally fast way.


In 2015 Fondazione Poliambulanza was given the “Premio Innovazione Digitale in Sanità” by the Osservatorio Innovazione Digitale in Sanità della School of Management del Politecnico di Milano thus confirming a significative tendency to the development and the innovation of the hospital’s future framework.

Fondazione Poliambulanza is even smarter with Prenoting.