Tablet in the ward

Safe, clinical data available at the edge of the bed.

The technology comes into play in the ward

Information regarding patients’ condition and their clinical course is updated in real time.

For every hospitalized patient, Poliambulanza’s doctors and nurses handle a large number of data every day to ensure a higher-level in terms of availability, efficiency and safety, Poliambulanza decided to adopt an innovative technological solution.
As a consequence of research field regarding not only the technical departments of the management, but also the medical staff which is always in the front line, new electronic devices have been selected in order to make the process of data handling at the edge of the bed by doctors and nurses easier.
The former, who need to use the keyboard to record case histories, fill in 
the case sheets and consult diagnostic imaging tests, have been given laptops and can take advantage of the Wifi access available whenever and wherever within the hospital.
The latter, on the contrary, who mainly work in the ward, have been given tablets to register nursing diary, evaluation of caring needs and recording of patients’vital functions.
Such devices ensure immediate access to all the information required at the edge of patients’ bed, thus fostering timely availability. Information are constantly updated and the medical staff is accurately updated on patients’ clinical course.
Every patient is provided with an electronic bracelet with a barcode. By reading the barcode it is possible to avoid data exchange or errors and at the same time ensuring the data imput, updating and consulation.
In 2014, as a result of this project which has considerably improved the efficiency and discretion in managing every patient’s clinical data, Fondazione Poliambulanza was given an important prize, the “Premio Innovazione Digitale in Sanità”, by the Osservatorio Innovazione Digitale in Sanità della School of Management del Politecnico di Milano.