Technologies for care

New Surgical Centre


4K Ultra HD technology

Fondazione Poliambulanza is the first hospital in Italy whose Surgical Centre is provided with ultra high definition (4K) technology. During minimally invasive surgical operations it offers a straordinary vision experience and definition, four times higher than other full HD instruments.

As a consequence, the use of such an instrument makes our surgeons able to identify and notice millimetric details with more accuracy than ever before. On the other hand, for what concerns patients, there is no doubt that achieving higher level of safety has a positive impact on them.

Other technologies

Every room within the new Surgical Centre is actually complemented by a Fiber optic video routing system through which images from a variety of sources (for example laparoscopic and endoscopic columns, PACS, case sheets, vital signs monitors) can be viewed on all high-resolution monitors of the operating rooms. Since such a precious resource is made available anywhere and at any time in the Surgical Centre for the surgical team, they can view patients’ case sheet or radiological images without having to move throughout the hospital. At the same time, a Wi-Fi video camera system enables them to ask for a second opinion live both within Poliambulanza and in other hospitals or medical studies.


The characteristics of the receiving environment (for example the intensity of the lights) as well as those of the medical devices can be managed by pressing just one button thanks to a modern touch screen system.

The new Surgical Centre’s rooms

The new Surgical Centre within Fondazione Poliambulanza consists of 10 operating rooms. Among them 8 measure 50 mq and 2 exceed 70 mq and are especially built for being hybrid rooms, that is within radiological equipment and service robotics.

The side walls are made with Corian Dupont, an innovative antibacterial and easily washable material which has come out better than other products. 

Operating rooms demand very specialized illumination. For this reason double-arm surgical lights and hanging towers have been located within the operating room in order to facilitate ergonomics during any surgical operations.

Such devices are able to meet both surgeons’ and anaesthesiologists’ demands regarding their positioning and can be placed at both sides of the operating table.

The hanging suspension makes the above mentioned devices high sanitation solutions used to save time, since they enable fast and effective intervention to restore the operating room without having to physically remove them.

An air-mixing plenum is used for air conditioning purposes within Fondazione Poliambulanza, thus meeting ISO 5 cleanroom standards for how clean the air is as for the number of particles. An advanced system of bulding automation meant to provide an adaptive control for building thermo-hygrometric and thermal comfort analysis.



Awards and acknowledgements gained for our merits.