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Currently Poliambulanza is a smart hospital and an international point of reference regarding the italian Health Care System.

Poliambulanza enjoys a modern and innovative structure. For years it has been committing itself in the digitalization of the whole system, in order to facilitate the customers concerning the use of technological devices and to improve the quality of the work.

The Smart solutions adopted by Poliambulanza offers a huge range of advantages, suh as a free Wi-fi all over the hospital, the App system, the Web prenoting one, the online withdrawal of medical reports system, all aimed at speeding up the different procedures. These also include the Cresco con Poli App to support and help new mothers.
The progressive computerization of Fondazione Poliambulanza besides bringing further benefits to our citizens (in terms of the greater efficiency of the new technological devices, the better organizarion and the considerable consequent savings) once more ensures an approach faithful and coherent with its original mission, that is to maintain a high profile.


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Tablet in the ward

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Online reports’ withdrawal

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Free WiFi

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Fondazione Poliambulanza Lombardy Region Ministry of Health

Poliambulanza: a smart hospital recognized by the italian Healh Care System

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