Ovary (Ovarian Cancer Center)

The best research, diagnosis and treatment of ovarian cancer.

Multidisciplinary Unit for Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian Cancer Unit was born as a multidisciplinary resource for studying breast cancer thoroughly, optimizing the sesearch, the diagnosis, the treatm...

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Genetic diagnosis

Every gene has its specific function within the human genome. Some tumor suppressor genes’ function, among which the so called BRCA1 and BRCA2, is to ...

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Magnetic Resonance imaging in Gynecology

It is an imaging modality which permits the evaluation of uterus and ovaries so as to study pelvic pathology and distinguish any possible gynecologica...

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Surgical treatment

Surgery is the main treatment for most ovarian cancer. Basically, it depends on the neoplastic expansion and on what the exact stage is. Surgery fo...

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