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Here's a practical guide to help those who live outside Brescia to manage all the logistical aspects caused by a hospitalization away from home.

We are aware of how unfamiliar and uncomfrotable assiting a friend, a relative or a loved one who is hospitalized far from home could be. It is quite difficult to find an accomodation, to organize the patient’s visits dealing with a new city under such difficult circumstances. For this reason and on account of the high number of non-resident patients, Fondazione Poliambulanza’s practical guide is a worthwhile information support and a contribution for better managing a relative’s far from home hospitalization.


Within our “Carta Ospitalità” you can find helpful information on how to reach us or where to stay. You will find a list of hotels affiliated with our hospital. In addition, you are given information about what to see in Brescia, for example the prestigious and important archaeological remains, evidence of Roman and Longobard presence within the ancient city which has entered the World Heritage List of UNESCO in 2011, deserve a visit.


Furthermore, you will find information and suggestion about entertainment in Brescia and province. It is an important point to highlight because assisting a relative or a loved one far from home could be highly stressful and worrying. It is, therefore, crucial that you enjoy moments of distraction and amusement. 


Hereinafter you can download our “Carta Ospitalità”, a worthwhile instrument to manage more effectively all the aspects of a far from home hospitalization. We hope it will be useful most of all for patients not domiciled in Brescia.


Fondazione Poliambulanza Lombardy Region Ministry of Health

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