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Mother and Child Health Care Department  is equipped with the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for the treatment of term and near-term newborns with respiratory, neurological, cardiac and infectious diseases.  It makes use of all the best diagnostic and assistance techniques required by modern and advanced neonatal care with the presence of highly specialized and competent nursing and medical staff.  This allows to manage directly in Poliambulanza, starting from the moments immediately after the childbirth, all the pathologies that would have previously required the transfer to another structure.

In choosing the most suited clinical path for every patient, interdisciplinarity is a key point. As a consequence, in treating the most critical Neonatal Intensive Care Unit’s situations specialists from other Operative Units are involved. 

For what concerns the efforts made in order to humanize care and treatments provided, an attempt was made to open up the TIN to hospitalized babies and their parents. At the time being visiting hours are scheduled as follows: from 3:00 pm to 10:00 pm, but healthcare staff has undertaken to progressively extend them, guaranteeing a 24-hour access.

Dr. Villani Paolo Ernesto


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Neonatal Intensive Care Operating Unit


Women's and Maternal - Child Health


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Neonatal Intensive Care Operating Unit

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