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Coronary artery bypass grafting without extracorporeal circulation

Fondazione Poliambulanza is leader not only in Italy but also in Europe in Coronary artery bypass grafting without extracorporeal circulation with at least a 90 per cents of treatments performed in that procedure, while the average regarding other italian hospitals is about 20 per cent. During a bypass operation, through a peculiar technique, coronary artery stability is provided, while the hearth keeps on beating, ensuring normal vital signs.  

Avoiding extracorporeal circulation is a good solution resulting in some clinical advantages

  • It prevents adverse inflammatory responses;

  • It prevents neurological complications;

  • It facilitates and speeds up the postoperative clinical outcomes.

Doctor Troise and the beating-heart bypass:

Dr. Troise Giovanni

Director of the Operating Unit

Troise Giovanni

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Cardio-Surgery Operating Unit


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