Cardiovascular Area

Coronary Angioplasty

In the treatment of patients with coronary artery disease and further to a stenosis, one of the most widely applied surgical procedures is the angioplasty. In Fondazione Poliambulanza even in the most complicated clinical situations an easier type of angioplasty is performed through the radial artery, thus reducing potential complications common in this type of operations especially when the femoral artery is involved.



  • Laser so as to block a further obstruction of calcified arteries; it is also the best solution for bypass in cases of venous graft occlusion or for dilating under-expanded stents following a conventional angioplasty.
  • Angiojet-thrombo Aspiration device in order to interrupt the process of thrombus, extracting them also within the coronary artery.
  • Rotablator System improves precise access to challenging calcified lesions.

Facing the complexity of any clinical cases in even more complex patients is possible thanks to the close collaboration of Fondazione Poliambulanza’s multidisciplinary Heart team’s specialists, where hemodynamic specialist, a cardiac surgeon, an anaesthesiologist, a cardiologist and an echocardiographist work together day by day ensuring the most suitable path for every patient.


Fondazione Polambulanza’s Hemodynamics Specialistic Unit is recognized as a CTO. Indeed, it achieved high rates of success in treating long-term coronary arteries’ occlusion, in many cases considered intractable, thanks to dedicated materials and a specific training. 

In addition, numerous scientific studies have shown that patients suffering from one or more coronary occlusions subjected to this treatment benefit from longer life expectancy compared to patients who have not been operated.