Oncology Area


The mortality rates of patients with stomach cancer treated in Fondazione Poliambulanza is one of the lowest in Italy due to a vast experience in the field.

In the early stage of tumors, the best choice is laparoscopy, while traditional open surgeries are reserved for the most advanced ones.


  • Partial or total gastric resection plus D2 lymphadenectomy with laparoscopy: the mini invasive approach aims at reaching the same qualitative standards of traditional surgery, while minimizing the post-operative pain and speeds up the recovery process.


  • Cardias tumor resections combining thoracoscopic and laparoscopy: it is an advanced mini-invasive surgical technique which requires intervention through abdomen and thorax.


  • In Poliambulanza’s General Surgery Department operations in laparoscopy are made with 3D technology, a new procedure available in very few hospitals. One of the disadvantages linked to traditional laparascopy is a restricted visions during the operation as well as the difficulty in handling the instruments. On the contrary, using 3D technology means going beyond such factors and towards a new surgical approach which merges a three.dimensional view with mini invasive techniques.


  • Keywhole stomach resections: they are reserved for advanced tumors requiring removal of other organs (for example pancreas, spleen, liver) at the same time. These treatments involve patients who have already received pre-operative treatments (neo-adjuvant chemiotherapy and/or radiotherapy).