Oncology Area

Multispecialistic Unit for Breast Diseases

  • In cases of first visits and urgent ultrasounds/mammographies:

Breast Unit Secretariat from Monday to Friday from  09:00 am to 1:00 pm, phone: 030 3518777, fax: 030 3518270,

E mail: centrosenologico@poliambulanza.it 


  • In cases of routine ultrasounds and screening granted by the Local Health Autority:




What is the Breast Unit?

It works in accordance with the international guidelines and is also guided by European Society of Mastology’s (EUSOMA) operating model, the scientific society leader in Europe in the field. 

Fondazione Poliambulanza’s Breast Unit consists is a multidisciplinary area. It deals with diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of patients suffering from any breast’ diseases, particulary breast cancer.  

The multidisciplinary approach of the Breast Unit, besides being the result of a fruitful collaboration among the different specialists: radiologist, surgeon, anatomopathologist and cythologist, oncologist, plastic surgeon, consists of a complete, coordinated and fast approach towards patients and their diseases.

To ensure the continuity of care services provided and given the sensitivity of the subject, women’s emotional and psychological aspects have to be taken into consideration. In this connection, their clinical path has been thought in order to make available a Psychological Support Service within the Oncology Department, so as to be assisted during whatever crucial moment of their hospitalization. 


Who should consult the Breast Unit?
At Fondazione Poliambulanza’s Breast Unit we treat women presenting several symptoms, such as breast lumps or a suspicion of breast cancer which can only be confirmed after carefully examinations and tests.
Patients necessarily are subject to a prior consultation with their doctor, and then they have access to the Unit, since it represent an advanced level in the diagnostic and therapeutic process. Patients having not any suspicious condition, but needing periodical hospital visits are referred to Oncology Department.


How does it work?

Fondazione Poliambulanza’s Breast Unit works for its patients towards a high quality service, aiming at providing a rapid and comprehensive classification of the symptoms. In particular, during the diagnosis, a multidisciplinary approach is a core prerequisite for the assignment of the patient to a specific therapeutic strategy.

As part of the programme, the Breast Unit provides breast screening and follow-up assessment services and, in addition, for two mornings a week, patients can rely on the presence of the entire team (consisting of a surgeon, an anatomo-pathologist and a breast surgeon) to have the most suspicious or problematic situations investigated. 


Where is it?

The Breast Unit is a separate section of the Radiology Service and is located at the basement of the hospital. It consists of several rooms where patients are visited or undertake a core cut biopsy (that is extracting a small piece of breast tissue for closer examination).  

In order to make every effort to minimize any discomfort and to optimize the breast investigation, it uses a digital mammography machine which creates X-ray images which are recorded by a scanner through a digital procedure.