Dr. Miglio Vincenzo

Director of the Operating Unit

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Ophthalmology Operating unit


Surgical Sciences



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Phone number:: 030/3518741

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  • Milan University, 1981, Qualification awarded Medical Doctor bachelor.
  • Milan University, 1986, Qualification awarded Fellowship in Ophtalmology.

Poliambulanza Foundation Hospital, Ophthalmology Unit Chief, Head and Neck Department (from 2007 to now).
Hospital of Leno – Manerbio (BS), Ophthalmology Physician (1988 - 2005)

Cornea transplantation, PRK, LASIK and FEMTOLASIK refractive surgery.

He performed more than 19.000 ophthalmology surgeries since 1990.
At Poliambulanza he coordinates a team of 14 physicians, 20 nurses and 3 orthoptics professionals.
The Unit performs about 18.000 outpatient visits and 2.300 surgeries per year.