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Moz Ugo

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Otorhinolaryngology Operating Unit


Surgical Sciences



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Phone number:: 030/3518741

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  •  Milan University, 1983, Degree, Faculty of Medicine and Surgery.
  • Milan University, 1986, Specialization in Otolaryngology

Additional training     

Master in Medical Management for Physicians (2003)

  • Poliambulanza Foundation Hospital, Chief of ENT Unit, Head and Neck Department (from 1997 to now)
  • Niguarda Caì Granda Hospital, Milan, ENT Unit (1987 - 1997).

Dr. Moz was among the first to deal with intranasal endoscopic surgery, performing surgeries aimed at treating inflammatory diseases and cancer of the sinuses and the anterior cranial base. His expertise also includes the surgical treatment of deafness (inflammatory, congenital and acquired) and cancer of  head and neck, as well the surgical treatment of pediatric inflammatory diseases.
In 2013 the ENT Unit admitted 970 patients (including 353 nasal cavity and paranasal sinus surgery procedures, 87 laryngeal and tracheal procedures, 74 middle ear reconstruction procedures and 277 tonsil and adenoid surgery procedures).