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Professional profiles, employees and collaborators

The employees and collaborators, along with the patients, are the main “stakeholders” of Fondazione Poliambulanza.  The relationship of trust and the sense of belonging are essential elements of the proper functioning of the hospital and for the well-being of the worker.  The working environment should not only be comfortable and safe, but also a place of personal fulfilment, where everyone can feel part of a project full of values as it is addressed to the sick and fragile person.

Fondazione Poliambulanza employees and collaborators

The average age of our collaborators is 43 years 

In December 2017  Poliambulanza employees and collaborators were 1'951  (a comprehensive number of about 30 collaborators of  CIDAF counselling centers), of which : 

  • 20,7% physicians
  • 65,4% non-medical healthcare staff 
  • 13,9% non-healthcare staff

The average age of the staff is around 43 years. 

73,3% of employees are women