Technologies for care

Clinical data electronic management

Through the use of technologically advanced solutions, patient history, clinical data, lab results and other clinical information are collected and processed through electronical devices. This actually means:

  • Making patients’ clinical data directly available at the edge of the bed and in absolute safety;
  • The storage of diagnostic images within hospital PACS allowing a rapid access according to the proper ward;
  • Downolading Radiology or laboratory examinations’ reports from the internet in an easy, fast and convenient way.


Safety: the most important objective

In order to process patients’ admission, an identification band will be applied, containing a unique identification code which is identified by specific barcode-reading devices.

As a result, our patients are always identifiable, thus avoiding any errors regarding samplings or administration of therapy.


The automatic identification system ensures that there is a direct match between patients’ bracialet’s number and the one on their blood collection tubes. Nurses, who are responsible for the accuracy of the examinations prescribed, are actually facilitated in their activities by using tablets and digital devices automatically connected to the hospital Wi-Fi.


Administration of therapy

Within the electronic case sheet electronic patients’ information are systematically collected and updated by skilled medical staff, including the therapy being administered which is automatically checked avoiding continuous, and often fatal, mistakes. Moreover, the barcode-reading devices:

  • Check the direct correspondence between patients’ bracialet number and the proper therapy;
  • Warn the nurse in case of lack of such a correspondence.


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